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Automated Printing Solutions on Demand

Whether you are scaling a new enterprise or upgrading your current setup, Lam Thong has you covered.

Sourcing and Maintenance

Choosing a machine is a complex process, contingent on many factors ranging from your printing materials to your operational space.

With over a century of collective experience, Lam Thong has access to screen printing automation expertise and tools from Germany to Shanghai.

Upon assessing your needs, we will source and install the machine for you, and provide training on its use. 

Custom Machine Fabrication

Lam Thong also provides access to both custom-fabricated and master-crafted screen printing machinery, should our available machines not suit your specific business needs.

As full-solution providers, we are committed to assisting you every step of the way. Contact us on WhatsApp or via the Contact Us page to get started.

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