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About Us

Lam Thong Corporation Screen Printing Office

Established since 1949, the Lam Thong Corporation is the one stop solution for the printing needs of manufacturing industries worldwide. We specialize in the provision of comprehensive ink solutions, silkscreen stencil services, training in silkscreen processes, and more. 

We are one of Singapore's oldest and most longstanding suppliers of ink and print solutions to a wide range of industries, ranging from artist colors for vibrant results on a canvas to security ink for use on passports and credit cards

Our customers include the manufacturers of PVC pipes and credit cards, art schools, printed circuit boards, and more. 


Our services include the preparation of SilkScreen Stencils, applying emulsion, exposing the stencils, and the provision of expert advice on the skills and techniques for all operational needs, including advisory on the right materials and inks to use. Lam Thong also supplies all types of substrates, copy aids, graphic arts supplies, and machinery for silkscreen printing.


As a total solution provider, we are committed to your organization's success in cost effective and efficient ways.


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