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Our BETA™ Silkscreen inks has been exported worldwide to countless industries for more than 40 years. It has attained a world-renowned reputation for being a trusted and reliable product in the field of professional silk screen printing. The inks featured are not exhaustive - see our full list of products below, or choose from one of the available categories. 



Any hue, shade, or tint on demand

Our team will provide any specialty color on request. Just send in a sample or a PMS code and we will take care of the rest. In the meantime, see the rest of our ready-made standard colors on offer.

Industrial and Specialty Applications

No. 9814 Security Ink

For concert tickets, coupons, etc.

173 Scratch.png

No. 173 Scratch

For printing on lottery tickets, coated and uncoated

877 POS.jpg

No. 877 POS

For printing on poster paper, cartons

350 Vyna.jpg

No. 350 Vyna

Multipurpose Ink for Vinyl, Acrylic, ABS & CAB Polycarbonates, Paper. Comes in Matte and Gloss.

9777 Polyurethan Ink.png

No. 9777 Polyurethane Ink

Highly flexible and stretchable ink for printing on wearables, sensors and medical devices

914 Nylex.png

No. 914 Nylex [NYLON]

For printing on most nylon materials

613 SM.jpg

No. 613 SM

For printing on aluminum, S/Steel & other metals

343 ASE.jpg

No. 343 ASE

For printing on polystyrene, vinyl

9986 Traffic Sign Transparent.png

No. 9986 Traffic Sign Transparent

Weather and sunlight resistant inks for reflective stickers used on road signs

582 Metal.jpg

No. 582 Metal

For printing on various metallic surfaces

899 PC.jpg

No. 889 PC

For printing on polycarbonate surfaces, ABS, CAB

810 PEP.webp

No. 810 PEP

For printing on synthetic paper, PP, PE glass

466 VG.jpg

No. 466 VG

High Gloss Vinyl ink for stickers

930 NTP.jpg

No. 930 NTP

For printing on corrugated flute, polycarbonates, nylon

9999 PAD Ink.jpg

No. 9999 PAD Ink

Pad Print Ink for ABS, CAB, Polycarbonates

163 PET.jpg

No. 163 PET

For printing on polyester, Vinyl, CAB, ABS

Commercial Artists/Graphic Designers

309 Artist Color.jpg

No.309 Artist Colour

Brilliant and vibrant water based poster colours fit for outdoor use

9714 Artist-in-Oil.png

No. 9714 Artist-in-Oil

Linseed Oil Solvent Based Ink

253 Gloss_edited.jpg

No. 253 Artist Gloss

Water Based Gloss Poster Color

263 Matte_edited.jpg

No. 263 Artist Matte

Water Based Matte Poster Color

9715 Vyna Aqua.png

No. 9715 Vyna Aqua

A water based ink for Vinyl Posters


Clothes Display

No. 120 FD 120

Semi Clear High Solidity Ink for Pigmented Printing on Dark Fabric

9915 Emboss_edited.jpg

No. 9915 Emboss

Puff Ink for Embossing


No. 100 FD 100

For printing on high solidity clear print base

9751 HST White_edited.jpg

No. 9751 HST White

Stretchable White Ink

9712 Texilec_edited.jpg

No. 9712 Texilac

High Opacity Elastic Ink for Dark Fabric Materials

484 NTC.jpg

No. 484 NT Ink

For printing on various Nylon fabrics

200 FF 200_edited.jpg

No. 200 FD 200

High Solid White Ink

Substrate Product Matrix

LTC Substrate Product Matrix.png

The above table matches our products to the printing material you are working with.


Our products are listed vertically.


Substrates are listed horizontally.

Match your substrate to our product and give us a call for a quote.

Full Standard Color Listing

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