As an manufacturer in silkscreen inks, Lam Thong has its own chemists and research department that issues its own Material Safety Data Sheets regarding the properties of its products. It is also intended to provide workers and emergency personnel with procedures for handling or working with that substance in a safe manner, and includes information such as physical data (melting point, boiling point, flash point, etc.), toxicity, health effects, first aid, reactivity, storage, disposal, protective equipment, and spill-handling procedures.

2466 Vyna Gloss Colors Series.doc
466 Vyna Gloss Colors Series.doc
MSDS ##8994 VG ink series.doc
MSDS #100;120;200 FD series.doc
MSDS #160 Epoxy ink series.doc
MSDS #163 PET series.doc
MSDS #173 Scratch ink series.doc
MSDS #253 Artist Gloss.doc
MSDS #309 Artist Color.doc
MSDS #343 ASE series.doc
MSDS #350 VAC ink series.doc
MSDS #466 VG ink series.doc
MSDS #582 Metal ink series.doc
MSDS #613 SM ink series_.doc
MSDS #810 PEP ink series.doc
MSDS #849 Foamkote.doc
MSDS #877 POS ink series.doc
MSDS #888 VM ink series.doc
MSDS #889 PC ink series.doc
MSDS #9101 Vyna Matt Red.doc
MSDS #914 Nylex ink series.doc
MSDS #9156 Mirror Inks.doc
MSDS #930 NTP ink series.doc
MSDS #9777 PUS ink series.doc
MSDS #9814 Security ink series.doc
MSDS #9897 TC Mani series.doc
MSDS #9897 TC series.doc
MSDS #9928 GlassKote ink series.doc
MSDS #9986 Traffic Sign ink series.doc
MSDS #9999 PAD ink series.doc
MSDS TC Inks.doc
MSDS Texilac series.doc
MSDS Texilac.doc
MSDS Textile Water Bases Colours.doc
PD BUE 8520.doc
Product Data Sheet #163 PET.doc
Product Data Sheet #2343 ASE.doc
Product Data Sheet# 173 Scratch ink.doc
Product Data Sheet# 2350 VAC series.doc
Product Data Sheet# 350 VAC series.doc
Product Data Sheet# 466 VG ink.doc
Product Data Sheet# 582 Metal Series.doc
Product Data Sheet# 930 NTP.doc
Product Data Sheet# 9928 GlassKote.doc
Product Data Sheet#100 FD textile ink.doc
Product Data Sheet#120 FD textile ink.doc
Product Data Sheet#200 FD white textile in

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