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and Silkscreen Inks

We manufacture and supply a wide range of silk screen printing inks for various substrates and commercial uses. Apart from our standard range, supplies of custom made ink based on your requirements and demands of the product can be produced.

We provide free technical advice on colour matching service, proper and correct type of mesh and  formulas and applications  to match with the substrates. E.g. solvent based pigments to match with suitable substrates so that the printing will stay and not come off easily.

Our Chemists in our Research and Development in our Head office in Singapore provides the ever continuous improvement and research of new products and specifications to meet the needs of the new exacting demands from all over the world requiring specialised ink products.

All our inks are carefully proportioned to meet the highest standards in Ink Manufacture. All formulas are proprietary and closely followed to ensure the stringent quality of our products.

Our factory is certified with quality production standards of ISO9001.

Our brand BETA Silkscreen inks is exported worldwide to all industries for more than 40 years. It has attained a renown world reputable for being a trusted and reliable products in the field of professional silk screen printing.

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Silk Screen Ink Product Range Suitable substrates
Solvent Based Polyester, Vinyl, CAB, ABS, Aluminum, S/Steel, Poster Paper, Carton, Corrugated Flute, PC, Nylon, Polycarbonate, Lottery Paper- Both coated and uncoated, Epoxy, High Gloss Vinyl for sticker, Polyurethane Ink, Reflective Stickers.
Water Based For Fabric, Bags, T shirts, Textile materials, Sublimation on Polyester,
Specially Ink and coating for Industrial use conductive inks, flexible membrane and spray paint
 UV Ultra Violet Inks Vinyl Banner, PVC, Coated Metal Surface, Paper/Carton etc.
 Special Inks for Printed Circuit Board & system UV Pattern and Etched Inks, Solder Masking, Legend Ink, Peeelable Mask Ink, Post flux, Hot Air Levelling Flux, Surface Treatment Cleaner, General Purpose Residue Remover.

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Supplies of water based inks for the artists use or school use.
Water Based inks

Solvent based for polyester, vinyl, CAB, ABS, Aluminum, Stainless steel, poster paper, carton, and many other substrates.
Solvent Based Inks

special conductive or restrictive formula for printed circuit boards layering and connectivity.
Conductive PCB inks


Chemicals for use in cleaning or additives for the printing inks
Chemical Inks

Inks blending are part and parcel of our production system. Raw pigments are carefully calibrated with the right formulae to produce the correct intensity, thickness and colours.
Inks Blending in progress

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